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Providing Hope By Finding

The Truth 

Utah,Wyoming, Idaho, Nevada, Arizona and Colorado


  • Divorce

  • Custody

  • Service of Process

  • Background Checks

  • Infidelity

  • Alimony Termination

  • Interviews

  • Criminal Defense

  • Surveillance

  • Counter-Surveillance

  • Debugging


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  • Criminal Defense

  • Personal Injury

  • Witness Interviews

  • Family Matters

  • Surveillance

  • Counter Surveillance

  • Service of Process

  • Background Checks

  • Skip Trace

  • Insurance

  • Debugging


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Trident Private Investigations began in Orange County California under GSR Attorney Services. We have over 25 years of combined experience as Private Investigators in  Family Law, Surveillance, Criminal Defense, Accident Reconstruction, Fire Arson, Skip Tracing, Background and Asset Research, Service of Process and more. We utilize our network of experience, top of the line tools of our trade and our ever driven motivation to successfully attack each case we take and provide the evidence needed to assist our clients in their cases. We pride ourselves on the quality of service we provide for each and every case and value client satisfaction above all else.  Our owner Grant, has served on the Board for the (PIAU) Private Investigators Association of Utah as the secretary since 2016.  We continue to attend trainings to better our knowledge and expertise.  The association also provides continued training to its members and provides a membership to (NCISS National council of Investigators and Security Services.


If you need to track a person down, keep an eye on someone’s activities, or otherwise learn information, you may be thinking about hiring a private investigator (PI). With so many choices out there, hiring the right private investigator can seem like a daunting task. Make sure you do your research before talking to someone, and be prepared with the right questions. You want someone you are comfortable talking to who can get the information you want.  You also want to make sure that the private investigator you are hiring is experienced in the areas that you need.  For example: If you think your spouse is cheating on you, you want a private investigator that has a background in civil and family investigations.  Hiring a Criminal Defense private investigator with minimal experience in the criminal arena may not be a good option as they may not have the tools or be up to date with new laws. 


Amber Chapman


After working with multiple private investigators, Trident was as hands down the most efficient and successful. Worth every penny for the results rendered in an emotional court case where the Trident photos, videos, and text were necessary irrefutable evidence.

Russell King

Perhaps the most impactful experience I've yet to encounter. I employed several private investigators in multiple states. Trident Investigators got the proof I needed so the judge could see the situation clearly. You can see in the evidence that only an experiance PI could have got the footage and know when/how to get it. You definently don't want to be the subject of Trident Investigations. 10 stars!

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