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Surveillance Private Investigators Utah

From camcorders and cell phone cameras to pen cams, button cams, rock cams

and more. The most up to date tools are utilized to assist in providing the evidence needed to in ones case. Surveillance is used to provide video evidence for many different purposes.

Surveillance in some cases has saved family members and companies millions of dollars.

Background Checks Private Investigators Utah
Background Checks

Background information is very important and in many cases needed to provide

the specific information clients are looking for. Clients ask for many different types of background checks, from simple background checks, criminal background checks, asset checks, vehicle checks, address history and more.

Infidelity Private Investigators Utah

If you suspect your spouse is cheating on you, it is best to hire a professional when it come to spying on your spouse.  Laws differ in each state and it is best to leave the spying to a licensed expert.  Spying on your spouse can be tricky.  First things first, don’t spy on your spouse.  The evidence you obtain personally can be used against you in court if your spouse wants to hurt you.  second, hire a Private investigator to do the spying for you.  Trident investigations uses the most up to date tools to assist in every case.  From GPS’, covert cameras and Camcorders to video software, we have the means to either prove or disprove your suspicions.  We have many years of experience in surveillance providing us with an intuition that is far superior to most.  If your spouse is cheating on you, we will get the evidence.

Private Investigators Utah
Specialist Practices

In the Private Investigation Industry, there are many fields that take special trainings and schooling to be successful in.  Trident Investigations uses specialists in many of these fields.  Some of the experts we utilize is a Fire Arson expert, Accident Reconstruction expert, Computer Forensics, Forensic Accounting, Blood Spatter expert amongst others.  As professionals, we know when our area of expertise is not enough, so we turn to these experts to ensure the evidence needed is gathered through the necessary procedures and properly documented.

Custody Private Investigators Utah

When deciding to fight for child custody, there are many different factors that can effect the outcome.  Knowing the Court Orders and what they mean is extremely important and can give you the upper hand.  Understanding your rights pertaining to your children is equally important.  Trident investigations has taken several custody cases and many times has provided evidence to assist our clients and their attorney in winning their custody cases.  We have had several cases where the evidence we were able to obtain ended in criminal charges which also assisted our clients and their attorney in winning their case.  We care deeply about the children involved in these unfortunate circumstances and only want what is best for them.

Interviewing witnesses Private Investigators Utah

Interviewing people/witnesses is not as easy as it sounds.  Being able to control a conversation, ask questions pertaining to the case without offending or scaring someone and gathering the pertinent information needed to piece the truth together can be a tricky task.  Trident investigations has attended several training courses involving body language, eye contact, hand gesturing, movement, tone of voice and much more that enables us to understand when someone is being dishonest, when they are simply uncomfortable and when they are telling the truth.  This assists us in being able to navigate through the interview process and gaining important information. 

Personal Protection and Bodyguards Private Investigators Utah
Personal Protection

As an investigative agency, we have the ability to be present at high anxiety times.

Such as, separation or divorce. In these instances, we understand the want and in some cases the need

for a third party to be present while our clients are moving out of their homes. Other civil matters we've

been present in have included, the moving out of a kid known to be violent, child exchanges, escorting

clients to and from open hearings and more.

Debugging check for listening devices Private Investigators Utah

We have obtained the training and necessary tools to know what to look for and where to search when it comes to locating audio, video and gps equipment.  We have successfully scanned and debugged multiple offices, homes and vehicles over the years.  We take our clients need for privacy very serious and understand their concerns for wanting to make sure that they have a safe and confidential work place, vehicle and home.  This takes time, but as some of our clients have learned, can also be necessary.

Personal injury evidence Private Investigators Utah
Personal Injury

Many of us have been in auto accidents, been injured on the job, fallen in a store amongst so many other tragedies.  We take pride in working with the leading law firms.  Not only can we assist in gathering evidence for your injury case, we can also refer you to the top professional law firms to make sure you receive the settlement you need and deserve.

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